Create and Share data insights across your company in real-time
Analytics made easy
iPe-Bot helps you see and understand your data!
Improved visualization and breakthrough processing
Join data from different sources
Cross Data Base and Data Source joins, massive or all
Future-proof network analytics
Your network will evolve and you will be in full control
Fastest Data loading in the market, Faster Reports available in newly launched version
Renewed User Interface
Big Data Handling capabilities



iPe-Bot Product at a Glance

iPe-Bot is a Network Performance Management fully WEB Based system, easy to use Drag&Drop, that collects data from the radio, transmission, core and VAS domains of wireless networks as well as IP and traditional wireline networks, delivering performance reports across your multi-vendor, multi-technology Networks. iPe-Bot is a scale-as-you-grow system, avoiding all the evolution pains in evolving systems.

Life made easy: iPe-Bot can integrate with other systems such as fault management, alarms, external data bases, other collection systems. iPe-Bot helps you improve your analytics and Business Intelligence systems.

Multiple types of reports: customized Web pages, emails, Excel reports, dashboards, detailed analysis and a streamlined report flow. Your reports made easy and customized organization-wide: from Board High Level Reports (invaluable help to take investment decisions) down to very detailed engineering sets of information. iPe-Bot matches all needs. And above all: very quick.


Fastest Network Analytics
Scalability: fits all-size networks
Fully customizable architecture
Off-the-self reports
Huge Interface library


Cross-correlate User & Network Data
GIS-enabled analysis
Customer Experience Automated Dashboards
Detect your problematic spots before you get customer complaints
Non-intrusive iPe-Bot App provides a next-gen view

System Features

  • No limit to the size of the network to process
  • No limit regarding number of users
  • No strange proprietary Data Bases. You can immediately access your raw data. Your information, your decision
  • Libraries of interfaces, libraries of reports
  • All the reports every user needs, linked in a customized ecosystem, to be shared as needed
  • Trends, issues, in-depth analysis, investigate all through your network’s structure effortlessly, just click for what you want
  • Powerful drilling system: rollups, drill-up….. Nobody else offers such a straight drill-through analysis. Native, instantly and thoroughly. Even for specific slots
Powerful System
  • All the reports every user needs, linked in a customized ecosystem, to be shared as needed with other users
  • Trends, issues, in-depth analysis, investigate all through your network’s structure effortlessly, just click for what you want
  • Work once, valid for all the network and time intervals. Forget cumbersome partial network views, modules or similar
  • Information ready for you when you schedule it
  • No need for SQL writing: the system automates all tasks. But, if you still want SQL, you can also launch your SQL
  • Easier than ever. Drill up and down. Display your network topology
  • Click to see directly element-related reports and alarms in a visual way
  • Manage multiple countries from one single deployed system
Fully customizable
  • Every user can enjoy a specific and personal desktop and work environment: productivity from day one
  • Reports, formats, including specific logos, colors… Everything can be added to your reports at no effort
  • Schedule through complex date arrangement, made easy
  • Create your own user groups, share experience and knowledge
  • You even have a secured internal built-in Chat system!
  • You can create and customize your own web pages, including graphs, tables, maps, icons, logos and colors… where you will decide what information to display. The one you want. You can arrange information in different Tabs, you can link different web pages and navigate according to your needs, making your experience unique: clicking will display reports, as per your observed results. And share them with whomever you are allowed to!
  • Network wide performance dashboards for executives, technical level reports and deep analysis capability for engineers
The Best Mediation in the market
  • No limit to the amount of Terabytes you can process daily. Intelligent loading process ensures that you will always know what is loaded, what is missing and the reasons for it
  • Sophisticated scheduling, easy task-programming and no need for manual interaction: life made easier. Efficiency
  • Our mediation is ready to cope with irregular data loads, massive downloads and even for out-of-standard formats. Rugged operation for your peace of mind
  • Our mediation system is the fastest in the market! You will trigger alarms faster than ever




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