Full turn key or selected scope-of-work

Services for Network Performance and Customer Experience Management

We assume end-to-end responsibility for your project, managing all tasks as required. Alternatively we can take care of a full turnkey deployment, where Hardware and Software are delivered and fully managed to the highest standards.  We will propose and define a program of works that ultimately delivers a successful outcome regardless of scope.

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HOSTED services – No Hardware Costs!

No need to invest in on-site equipment

We can take care of all the tasks related to server load testing and capacity Planning. Our fully Web-based iPe-Bot system makes it possible for you.


Our managed services can include Hosted Services and you will eliminate the need for on-premise servers and hardware and the associated maintenance costs, and allow you to immediately start profiting from our experience. Depending on different scenarios, we will take into account your organizational targets and a number of parameters, such as the number of active users, potential ramp up of users, test of different service configurations and other real-world situations. Network Performance management was never as easy and simple. P-OSS Solutions delivers for you.

Pricing made easier

Per-Project or per-period pricing

Managed services can be delivered on a monthly, yearly or per project basis, without the need to purchase licenses. We are always available to meet your needs. Our proposal will be always the most cost-effective you can find and definitely you will get the best value-for-money.

Speed and Success: Solution & Services

Cutting-edge hands-on experts

Every project is unique. There are different tasks and scope changes in every situation. There can be different system-integration tasks, needs for sizing, project management or the need for a managed services approach rather than pure software delivery.  We take pride in our delivery capability and welcome a discussion around bespoke requirements for your network. You get the best hands-on knowledge and commitment to your success. We can deliver and manage a complete solution-as-a-service package or as an individual service package to meet your needs. You do not need to acquire additional knowledge or train your experts, you get plain results.

Outsourcing Services

Services for you

Your needs will be covered satisfyingly. We have a range of managed service solutions, allowing you to choose the solution that suits your business and your particular needs.

Real-time Dashboard

We deliver for you a real-time dashboard that enables you to quickly see what the real situation is. The right KPIs, the right method at your fingertips delivered by the P-OSS experts. It allows you to monitor the network in near real-time as data is uploaded, access your dashboard, customize colors and parameter thresholds, and drill-down, drill-through or drill-report into log files. Mixed network and customer focus will display the whole picture in information-rich reports.

Report Generation Service

Our team offers a range of reports, from high-level management reports to detailed engineering reports, adapted to suit your needs, including customized reports to match your reporting methodology. These reports can be delivered in a range of formats (charts, maps, Tabular) on a one-off or automated basis, including cleansing of data to ensure valid results. Reports can be customized for benchmarking, monitoring, geographical, trending and fault analysis.

Troubleshooting Analysis

Our team of experts will provide valuable information about the cause of the degradation in performance and service-related issues. Powerful root-cause analysis and KPI drilling features allow you to understand easily the situation and to propose solutions. SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance made easier. Maximum performance guaranteed. You will ensure compliancy with SLAs.

Systems Administration and Daily Operations

Our experts will manage the administration of your tools of choice on a daily basis, to ensure maximum value for you, as part of our hosted solution. Alternatively, we can manage our solutions located on your premises. We can manage main core tasks as well as optimize resources, regardless of the size of your system. Our hosting service saves you money on training costs, as it eliminates the need to train your experts in the use of new products.

Hosting of Backend

We can host your administration and reporting backend tools in our cloud environment, providing rapid deployment with no need for server installation, firewall configuration or rack space. You keep everything under control, with full access to your solutions via secure access. We offer the only multi-country capable system.


Tier-1 Operator

A leading operator trusted P-OSS in order to build a system capable of handling a big set of VAS interfaces. They have been relying on P-OSS Solutions to generate their reports and KPIs using P-OSS efficiency to retrieve all information needed. It uses our acclaimed fastest backend engine in order to process all information and to deliver timely results as scheduled. Success!


Tier-1 Operator

A TOP TIER-1 Operator in Europe undertook the project to renew their set of operational reports in order to be aligned with corporate strategy. They decided to trust P-OSS Solutions in order to review the formerly existing Report Stack and to analyze and deliver a new group of reports customized for the different areas. Report performance was finely tuned and Automation was one of the main drivers behind the project. Maps, dashboards and interactive web pages offered the greatest result. Again SUCCESS!


Tier-1 Operator

A Major Operator was suffering the lack of timely and accurate reports due to an incumbent old-style Performance Management system, which forced the adoption of decisions based on wrong and slowly processed information. As a result, it was not possible for decision-making officers to take the right options in their network development and it was virtually impossible to understand what the situation was. P-OSS Solutions deployed the recognized iPe-Bot platform. First impression was surprise in the operator when noticing the difference in speed and data-rich reports delivered. Today, it is still a happy customer.


Tier-1 Operator

A Major Operator had two main Network suppliers. There were endless discussions about the performance that each of them delivered. Each vendor offered their own Performance Management system, and results were, again, confusing. The operator decided to contract P-OSS in order to offer a neutral view. Differences in performance were evident after P-OSS used their set of benchmarking reports that compared clearly all deliveries. SLA enforcement was now possible. Once again, SUCCESSFUL results in a track-record time.




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